September 9, 2015

Courses Offered

Rephrase offers courses in Speaking and Conversation and Business Writing. These courses can be taken separately or combined. All courses are planned using real-life business scenarios and drawing from your current or previous professional responsibilities. Individual and group training programs are available.

Speaking and Conversation

  • Skills and techniques required for effective communication in business meetings and situations
  • Techniques for agreeing, disagreeing, asking for clarification, commenting and suggesting
  • Negotiating skills
  • Chairing a meeting and addressing agenda items
  • Language and jargon for business, accounting, finance and marketing
  • Business idioms
  • Proper pronunciation skills
  • Professional and social conversational etiquette
  • Non-verbal communication and signals
  • Group dynamics in the workplace
  • Role-play
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Other specific requirements of the organization

Business Writing

  • Writing efficient professional business memos, including tax, audit and accounting queries
  • Acceptable salutations and closing etiquette
  • Writing persuasively
  • Writing tactfully
  • Planning, organizing and writing business plans and proposals, including audit plans
  • Email writing and etiquette
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Other specific requirements of the organization

Course Duration

Course dates and times are flexible in order to accommodate the schedules of business professionals. Generally, courses are four to eight weeks in duration, with four to eight hours of training per week.